Established in 2005, Bringspring Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300290) was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012. With farsighted layout in two core business fields of Wise Medical Service and Smart We-cloud Service, and throughout over ten years of innovative development, Bringspring has become one of most competitive Chinese product suppliers with fairly complete categories of medical IT products. It is also one of the key software enterprises included in the planning layout of national-level new and hi-tech enterprises, and the chairman-member of Cloud Service Branch of Liaoning Association of Software Industry.

Till the end of 2019, Bringspring has a capital scale of nearly 1.4 billion RMB yuan, with over 10 enterprises wholly owned by it or under its control, many branch companies all over the world, and thousands of professional talents, offering one-stop online and offline services to customers from R&D, design, spare production to sales, operation and maintenance and aftersales service, etc.

Development Course

In 2012, Bringspring was successfully listed in second-board market, in virtue of its strong technical power, fruitful scientific research achievements and good reputation.

In 2013, Bringspring made acquisition of OSC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, exploring the business field of smart computing with focus on cloud computing, cloud security and cloud storage.

In 2015, Bringspring integrated good-quality resources and made acquisition of Shanghai Meehealth Technology Co., Ltd., the leading enterprise of the industry, consolidating its leading advantages in the field of clinical application. Bringspring has also undertaken the projects of R&D and application demonstration of big-data-based comprehensive health service platform launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2016, the Bringspring-Rongtuo Industrial Fund for Health Data was established to initiate the systematic construction of health data field, and the Bringspring Research Institute, a cross-border innovative research institute, was also established to attract excellent professional scholars and personnel all over the world to promote the development of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Internet, cloud computing, big data and AI, etc.

In 2017, Bringspring made acquisition of 100% equity of Beijing China Shine Technology Co., Ltd., extending the industry chain of medical informationization.

In 2018, Bringspring Industrial Fund successively invested in innovative enterprises in medical technology such as MEGAHEALTH, Shanghai Creating Information Technology Co., Ltd., Smart-imaging, and GREATSOFT, opening a new stage of industrial convergence development.

In 2019, Bringspring held the controlling share of the subsidiary——Liaoning Bringspring Smart We-cloud Technology Co., Ltd., to launch a brand-new strategy of cloud value-added service providers; and established a cloud service strategic development center and a wise medical strategic development center to accelerate the construction of “Bringspring 4.0”.


Globalization of Scientific Cooperation. Bringspring has established Bringspring Research Institute across Boston, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang in both China and the U.S.A, gathering large numbers of well-known experts and scholars. In addition, it has set up a R&D Center with Fuwai Hospital, CAMS & PUMC to do research in early-period diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases; built a support platform for diagnosis and treatment of emergency and severe cases with Ambient Clinical Analytics; and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with USA's InterSystems Co. and Mayo Clinic to realize the smooth flow of diagnosis and treatment information.

Fine Division via Wise Medical. The member enterprises of Bringspring contain Bringspring Smart We-cloud, Shanghai Meehealth, Beijing China Shine, MEGAHEALTH, Shanghai Creating Information Technology Co., Ltd., GREATSOFT, and Smart-imaging, etc. The medical product line of Bringspring has well engaged with the delicacy management process of hospital’s departments, from the management of outpatient department, emergency department and critical care department, surgical anesthesia management, digital smart wards, to accreditation-related management, information integration platform, DRGs application, as well as long-distance medical care, and regional medical care, etc. Over 1,000 medical care institutions have been using Bringspring’s scientific products or services, including many well-known excellent hospitals (over 50% of top 100 Grade-A tertiary hospitals in China are Bringspring's clients).

Multi-formed Smart We-cloud Service. This service has adopted the commercial mode of "solution plan+platform+service". With Smart We-cloud Platform as the core, the service has included all heterogeneous resources of the data center and offered a two-form service support of full-stack cloud value-added services and standard value-added services with Smart We-cloud Platform as the base to help the clients in the industries of finance, education, medical care, government, energy and telecommunications, etc., with all processes from making strategic plans to guiding practices in order to automatically and intelligently optimize the processes of operation and management of their data center, to promote the digitalization process of these enterprises and to improve their profiting abilities in the future.

New Engine for Building Smart City. Under the guidance of "The 13th Five-year Plan" on Informatization promulgated by the State Council, Bringspring has been aiming at becoming the leading provider of “new smart city” solution. With the strategies of "platform + ecology", Bringspring has been creating the digital brain for building new smart city to offer overall solutions and good-quality services for the construction of new smart city. Throughout many years of construction, Bringspring's Smart City App has covered many important fields, such as the operation and command platform of smart city, electric power industry, cultural law enforcement, urban management, community service, education and medical care, administration and public affairs, and urban information resource center, etc.

Relying on years of accumulation in rendering services as well as the leading position in technical expertise, Bringspring has obtained such QMS certifications as ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001, and acquired such professional qualifications and accreditations as the Information System Integration & Service Qualification Level-1, the National Information Security Service Qualification, the Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI Certification for Software, the certification for both software products and software enterprises etc.

With its headquarters in Shenyang of Liaoning province, Bringspring has set up branch companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Tieling, constructing a large sales network covering all main regions of China, offering reliable, touching and blessing products and services to clients. Bringspring's health data has made innovative values, and intelligent management has been leading the future through cloud computing. Bringspring has been forging ahead and making continuous innovation with all talents to create more values for clients, partners and society.